Market Intelligence and Strategic Planning

About First Immuno

Passion. Experience. Diligence.

Customized Customer Care

Customer Care is a top priority -  At the core of First Immuno is an ability to harness the nimbleness that is required for generating custom solutions for life science innovators and organizations  

Why do we serve small/medium and startup companies?

First Immuno understands the difficulties associated with gaining market shares when the market is dominated by several key players. Small and medium companies require creative solutions that clearly differentiate their organization from dominant competitors. Using market research, we help companies focus on customers' profiles and identify target markets.  

 Why do we serve investigators at academic and healthcare institutions?

Investigators at academic and healthcare institutions often have innovative ideas but may not have the time or experience needed to vet markets for translational research grants or commercial potential. Early stage market research is an extremely critical part of the innovation process. Using market research, First Immuno will work with these investigators to give them a straightforward competitive view of addressable markets and customer profiles at an affordable price.  

Founder and CEO


Kendra N. Taylor Ph.D., MMSc.

I served as Vice President of Business Development for a life sciences product distribution company (Westnet Inc.); worked with Decision Resources Group as a Business Insights Analyst and Independent Consultant, and spent 12 years at Harvard and Partners HealthCare (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospital) studying immunological disorders. 

"I've always liked the process of synthesizing medical and life science research information. I use that skill to develop the best strategic and market research insights for my clients. I have a passion for helping innovators and investors connect the dots between laboratory research, product development, and commercialization."